Mum of two dies after cost-cutting cosmetic surgery

Janelle had been complaining of pains in her stomach and breasts.
Janelle had been complaining of pains in her stomach and breasts. Photo credit: Facebook

A New York mother has died after receiving a series of botched plastic surgeries in the Dominican Republic, police sources have told NY Daily News.

The parents of Janelle Edwards found her slumped and unconscious at the wheel of her car last Thursday. She was taken to a nearby hospital, where she died 30 minutes later.

A doctor told the paper Ms Edwards died of a blood clot caused by a series of recent operations. 

Family members said she had been complaining of stomach and breast pain after flying to Central America for surgeries including a breast enhancement, tummy tuck and butt implants.

Ms Edward is survived by two young daughters, aged 7 and 1 years.

"She was a very loving person," Ms Edwards' older sister Samantha said. 

"That's how I want to remember my sister. She lived her life and God took her early."

A neighbour told media Ms Edwards returned home in a lot of pain, wrapped in bandages and with an IV a stand.

New Zealand plastic surgeons have repeatedly warned against travelling for cheap surgeries, saying after-care is an important aspect of surgery and complications can seriously increase the cost of surgery that can initially seem cheap.