Nazi artefacts found in Argentina

Argentinian authorities have found what is believed to be the biggest collection of Nazi artefacts in the country's history, more than 72 years after the end of World War II.

A Nazi statue was also found. Photo credit: Image - AP

The find near Buenos Aires includes a sculpture of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, old photos and boxes with swastikas on them.

More than 75 items were found behind a library in the home of a collector in the city of Beccar.

Adolf Hitler
Theories suggest Adolf Hitler escaped from Europe in 1945. Photo credit: Image - Getty

It is believed that after the collapse of the Third Reich in 1945, countless Nazi officers fled to South America to seek refuge from the impending war crimes they faced.

Some theories even suggest Adolf Hitler survived the end of World War II and fled from Nazi Germany to Argentina where he lived out the rest of his life.

Other theories also suggest a former SS member known as "Dr Death" fled to southern Chile or Argentina.

Israeli authorities hunted doctor Aribert Heim in 2008 as he was still regarded as one of the most-wanted Nazi war criminals.

However it was determined he died back in 1992.