News reporter becomes the news after drunken tirade

  • 06/06/2017

A news reporter from Philadelphia has become her own news story after launching a drunken tirade at a police officer and security guard.

According to Philadelphia Magazine, Colleen Campbell who is a reporter for PHL 17 launched her attack after being kicked out of a comedy club on Sunday night for being too loud.

Once outside she was joined by a police officer and security guard where she pushed and shoved the officer and guard before attempting to spit on the security guard.

That then led to her arrest which didn't go down well with the television journalist.

"If I had my tits out and my ass hanging out you wouldn't arrest me right?" Ms Campbell can be heard saying in the video.

"I work at a f**king news station mother**ker, you going to put that on the f**king news?"

The outburst outside the club lasted at least five minutes before the woman was taken away by police.

Ms Campbell couldn't be reached for comment and according to Philadelphia Magazine, the news network she so proudly said she was from, has appeared to have removed her bio page and article from their site.