North Korea blasts US over 'selfish' climate withdrawal

North Korea has taken the United States to task over President Donald Trump withdrawing the country from the Paris climate agreement.

The superpower was accused of relinquishing its global leadership role last week, becoming the only country to walk away from the landmark agreement signed by almost every nation in the world.

Only Nicaragua and Syria are non-signatories; the latter in the midst of a civil war, the other believing the agreement wasn't strong enough.

Mr Trump's decision, based on the deal being bad for American jobs, was met with scorn and condemnation both at home and abroad, with isolated North Korea among the latest to join the chorus.

"This is the height of egoism and moral vacuum seeking only their own wellbeing even at the cost of the entire planet and, at the same time, a short-sighted and silly decision ignorant of the fact that the protection of the global environment is in their own interests.

"The selfish act of the US does not only have grave consequences for the international efforts to protect the environment, but poses great danger to other areas as well," a statement from the country's foreign ministry says.

"Global warming is one of the gravest challenges humankind is facing today and the Paris Agreement that called for nationally determined contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is the outcome of decades-long efforts to mitigate it."

The ministry also issued a stern warning for supporters of Mr Trump's administration.

"Whoever chooses to blindly follow the Trump administration overpowered by its bravado should be fully aware that the judgment of history shall take them all as one."

Immediately following Mr Trump's unprecedented move, three state governors created the US Climate Alliance which pledged to uphold their obligations under the Paris agreement.

Since then, 10 new states have signed on in defiance of their president including Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oregon and Vermont.

Dozens of mayors across the US have also committed themselves to meeting the terms of the agreement.