Outrage after selfies taken with Grenfell Tower

A photo of a woman taking a selfie with the Grenfell Tower still smoking in the background has been slammed on social media.

One person left a sign saying, "Grenfell [is] a tragedy, not a tourist attraction."

Many on social media have called it sickening that people were taking selfies with the burnt-out tower block in the background.

"People taking selfies near the Grenfell tower block are a disgrace. They need to think less about themselves and more about that community," one person wrote.

"Stop taking pictures please [this is] not a tourist attraction" another sign read.

Investigations are still on-going after the fire was put out last week.

The death toll currently stands at 79 with authorities expecting it to climb.

Survivors have had some good news however, with the local government purchasing 68 social housing flats in a luxury development for them in west London.

It is hoped that survivors can be rehoused by the end of July.