Palm scanning no longer just for spy films

Forgetting your keys, eftpos card or bus pass is frustrating, but now the answer could be right next to your fingertips. Palm scanning has long been a spy movie favourite, but now its becoming a reality. 

Scanning technology could replace everything in your wallet by using an infra-red scan of the unique veins in your palm.

Fujitsu says that it measures 5 million data points on the palm and makes it ten million times more secure than fingerprint scanning.

A Hungarian stadium has 22,000 registered palms, and says it can process one spectator a second through its gates.

The technology is being touted as work pass, a locker opener, and even as a way to pay your restaurant bill.

And it's unhackable. Criminals have been known to lift fingerprints... But they can't do that with palms, because the scan is of the veins, not the skin.

"The good news is if your hand gets cut off it will only work effectively if there is blood flow to the skin" a Fujitsu spokesperson says. 

Another benefit of palm vein technology is that your right hand is totally different to your left, so your right could be registered for banking, your left could be the keys to your car

How your palm data is stored and protected is up to the organisation using the technology... however one scan is all it takes.

Your palm doesn't change after age 12, so you may lose your memory, but you will never lose your keys.