Peacock in liquor store destroys $700 of alcohol

Forget about the bull in the china shop - based on a recent incident in the US, the phrase should be amended to 'peacock in a liquor store'.

Despite causing US$500 ($700) of destruction, the feathered offender has been allowed to walk free as a bird after its reckless stop-off at the Los Angeles bottle shop.

Royal Oaks Liquor owner Rani Ghanem said the experience left him scared and "out of my comfort zone" - admitting to CBS he didn't know what to do when the peacock made its entrance.

"It flew towards me. I didn't know they could actually fly high but it flew up above the counter and it landed here on top of the ice cream freezer," he said.

Mr Ghanem said he tried to shoo it out the front entrance, but that caused the peacock to get flustered and flail about in desperation.

"It just kept on swimming through the bottles, and it's going and everything is just falling straight down - this whole thing used to be full," Mr Ghanem explained, pointing to a half-empty bench-top.

Animal control was called to the scene, and after some time trying to coax it down from a shelf with a net, the bird finally relented.

The peacock ended up knocking down about $700-worth of wine and champagne, Mr Ghanem said.