Pensioner who strangled his ailing wife did it 'for love'

tombstone in graveyard
The pensioner says he fufilled his dying wife's request. Photo credit: Getty

A 96-year-old UK man has been given a suspended prison sentence after strangling his ailing wife when she begged him to kill her.

Devoted husband and pensioner Jack Tindall said he did it "for love", fulfilling his wife's wish by using the cord from a dressing gown to throttle her, because she told him she no longer wished to live.

The depressed Mrs Tindall suffered with vascular dementia and required constant care following a stroke in August 2015, the Nottingham Post reports.

The court heard Mr Tindall strangled her in August last year before arranging her body on a bed covered in lilies and telling police, "I've strangled her… the things you do for love."

He will avoid jail, his 12-month sentence suspended for two years.

Detective Inspector Justine Dakin told ITV it was "a tragic and desperately sad case for all concerned".

The case comes as voluntary euthanasia is hotly debated here in New Zealand at the moment, with the End of Life Choice Bill currently in parliament. Politicians will soon vote on the difficult decision of whether the terminally ill should have the right to choose when they die.