Perth dog stabber walks free after killing beloved pet

The man who stabbed a Labrador to death, in front of her owner, has walked free after pleading guilty to animal cruelty.

Jayde Paul Rowan stabbed beloved pet Luna the Labrador at Apple Blossom Reserve in Mirrabooka, Perth, while her owner Bridgette was taking her for a walk.

He approached the dog while she was off leash and stabbed her before escaping, leaving Luna to die in her owner's arms.

Defence lawyer Michael Tudori said Bridgette's two dogs, Luna and another who has not been named, had approached Rowan's seven-month-old puppy.

A decade ago, Rowan's 13-year-old dog was fatally attacked by two other dogs in a park, so when his puppy was circled her stabbed Luna in an attempt to deter her.

He then fled with his puppy, throwing away the knife into a bush.

"There was no intent to intentionally kill this animal," Mr Tudori said.

Rowan pleaded guilty in court to ill-treating an animal and was sentenced to seven months jail, suspended for nine months, according to local media.