Polls open in UK snap election

Voting has just begun in the United Kingdom's general election, bringing to an end a most unusual campaign period - a snap election announcement, followed by two terror attacks.

Pre-election polls are predicting a close call between Prime Minister Theresa May and Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn.

All over the UK politicians are out of their comfort zones and natural habitats, with Ms May trawling a meat market talking up the big day, Mr Corbyn at rally after rally, while those smaller parties struggling for airtime have reverted to serving sausages and pulling pints.

This election, once thought predictable and perhaps a little dull, is now anything but.

The 24-point lead Ms May's Conservatives had over Mr Corbyn's Labour is now a piddly four points.

Twice the campaign was suspended because of terror attacks in Manchester, then London.

It means instead of a Brexit snap election, which is how this started seven weeks ago, the election has become all about security.

It's been a frenzied final day of campaigning from all sides and no one is resting on their laurels.

It's now out of the hands of the politicians and into the hands of voters, who have a lot to think about.

As polling day begins, it's now time for a bit of welcome peace and quiet.