Pregnant woman charged after overdosing on heroin in Pennsylvania

Kasey Dischman (Pennsylvania State Police)
Kasey Dischman. Photo credit: Pennsylvania State Police

Pennsylvanian doctors have been forced to deliver a baby by two months premature after the mother allegedly overdosed on heroin.

Kasey Dischman's boyfriend told police he found her unresponsive on a bathroom floor, after he kicked in a door.

While being taken to hospital by emergency services, police with a search warrant say they found a needle hidden in the bathroom.

Dischman, who was seven months pregnant, allegedly tested positive for opioids and alcohol while in hospital when she had to undergo an emergency birth by caesarean section.

Lieutenant Eric Hermick, of Pennsylvania State Police, said the baby is "not doing good at all", after being resuscitated and put on life support.

The baby has been declared brain-dead and if she dies after coming off of life support, Dischman faces a criminal homicide charge.

Police have already said once she gets discharged from hospital, she will face charges of felony aggravated assault of an unborn child.

Her boyfriend and the father of the child, Andrew Lucas, also faces charges and allegedly lied to officers about what had happened to Dischman, claiming she had a seizure disorder.

Their six-year-old daughter was also in the apartment at the time, according to the criminal complaint.

Pennsylvania has faced a massive increase in opioid overdose hospital admissions in recent years, more than quadrupling since 2010, according to a new report.

The statistics did not include those taken to hospital and revived in or before arriving at the emergency department.