Schapelle Corby posts bizarre boogie board video

Convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby has posted a bizarre video to her Instagram, showing off a boogie board to her 200,000 followers.

"Boogie in Bali," the caption reads.

"My board i left behind [sic]."

Corby became infamous after she was caught with 4kg of cannabis in her boogie board bag at Bali's Denpasar airport in October 2004. She spent 12 years behind bars for the crime.

But it appears Corby hasn't been put off boogie boards.

In the video, she walks down a corridor in the Bali villa she lived in before her release, showing off her water equipment leaning on the wall.

"There's a boogie board, and flippers. This is not the boogie board that was taken at the airport," Corby says in the Instagram video.

"This is a new one that I bought on my release from Kerobokan (prison)."

Corby was deported to Australia on May 27, and has since built a cult social media following.

It is unknown if she attempted to bring the boogie board in the video back from Bali with her - or if she has given up on taking them through international customs.