Screaming Donald Trump swimsuits flood the internet

Donald Trump Swimsuit
Donald Trump togs. Photo credit: Beloved Shirts Instagram

Maybe you've always wanted Donald Trump's eyes on your nipples. Well, now you can. Not literally of course, but it's the next best thing. 

Clothing company Beloved have released the Trump suit. The skin-tone suit features Donald Trump's tangerine face, eyes wide and mouth pursed in a silent scream. 


And while the image may be ugly, the brand reassures you it "contours your form and is meant to flatter!" And for just US$49.95 (NZ$69) you could own your own Trump trunks. 

Luckily for shoppers, the fun doesn't stop there. The site also offers Borat style swimsuits - a man's hairy body in the lime green Mankini. It also offers Dad Bod swimsuits in various tones of tan, sloths swimsuits, and even one with strategically placed pizza slices. 

The company also made a splash last week debuting their hairy chested swimsuits. That's the suit that allows women to wear a suit patterned with a life size print of a man's hairy chest. It drew reaction from across the internet with people labelling it highly disgusting. 

One thing is for sure, should you want to shock swimmers, you know where to go.