Skittles goes monochrome for LGBT community

Confectionary company Skittles has got rid of its recognisable rainbow-coloured chews, replacing them with a plain white packet - but it's for a good cause.

A new advert from the company's UK branch has revealed the altered candies are going to be solely white, and placed in plain monochrome packaging.

The commercial explains that the move is only temporary, and that packets can only be purchased from British supermarket chain Tesco - but it also answers the obvious question: 'Why give up the rainbow?'

"For the LGBT+ community of course," a narrator says cheerily. "You see, during Pride only one rainbow deserves to be the centre of attention - so Skittles have given theirs up."

In true Skittles fashion, the advertisement features a couple of odd moments - not least of all a cameo from a talking, rainbow-coloured horse.

This UK Pride Week is not the first time Skittles has given up the rainbow on its packets - they also made the move towards white colouring in April, but were accused of racism by people who didn't understand the campaign.

The monochrome Skittles are only available at Tesco during UK Pride Week.