'Stop the horse!': Intense New York chase after horse breaks free

A runaway horse is back in its owner's custody after hoofing it in the middle of a busy New York street.

Goldy, a carriage horse, managed to escape for a glorious eight minutes before anyone could corral her.

But while it may seem funny at first, it brought terror to some residents. Goldy started off at a calm walk before suddenly breaking into a run, bolting through rush-hour traffic.

Video filmed in a car behind the horse shows the fear some felt for her safety.

"It's going to get hit! Stop the horse!" a woman can be heard crying in the video sent to CBS News.

Another resident, Angel Diaz, managed to calm Goldy down after she did a loop of the street. After that, she returned to her stable, where police were waiting.

"My instinct was to jump out, and be like, 'Woah, calm down'," he told CBS News.

"I think they just want to be free, I don't think they're being treated right."

But Goldy's owner refutes allegations of mistreatment, repeatedly telling local media, "Goldy's fine".

"Goldy did one ride today, she came home, had a lot of extra energy, went out for a little runaround," he said.

"She's back in the stable, she'll be going to work tomorrow, Goldy's fine!"