Sydney parking warden caught parking illegally to issue tickets

A parking warden has been filmed ticketing cars parked illegally on a west Sydney street while his own car was left in a no parking zone.

The hypocrisy was caught on camera by a local, who filmed the Canada Bay Council warden smiling nervously as he made his way back to his car and drove away.

"You wanna give fines out and you've actually parked in no parking [zone]," the man can be heard saying as the warden got into his vehicle.

"That's disgusting mate," another chimed in.

The warden was referred to as "the Nazi of parking" during an interview with 7 News reporter Natasha Squarey.

"I think his watch might be off by about 10 minutes - he seems to write down the wrong times," another said. "I was fined AU$108 ($113), and I think it's very hypocritical."

The Canada Bay Council told 7 News they were aware of the warden's misdemeanour and had issued him with a warning, describing his actions as "unacceptable".

However that hasn't stopped him from doing it again, it would seem.

Covert footage taken by the network caught him once more pinging drivers on another west Sydney street - all while his car remained parked in a pay only area for three hours.