Sydney woman guilty of assault, theft after beating husband's mistress

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, as the saying goes - and one woman has provided a case in point by beating and stealing from her cheating husband's lover.

In footage of the incident the woman, Marie Kamara, can be seen approaching her husband's unsuspecting mistress, Jemima Margai, in the backyard of the house she shared with him.

She can be seen pushing the woman in the chest, before carrying out a vicious attack that resulted in Ms Margai receiving a cut lip, bruised face and swollen eye, according to reports.

Kamara is caught on CCTV ripping off Ms Margai's wig and inflicting blows to her head, before stealing her iPhone, wig and slippers.

Ms Margai does not deny being the mistress of Kamara's husband.

"She said I was sleeping with her husband," Ms Margai told Australian network 7 News. "Yes I was - I don't know what to say. I can't lie."

Police charged Kamara with assault and theft - and despite denying the attack even occurred for close to two years, the CCTV footage was uncovered showing that it indeed happened.

The footage of the incident was shown in court, and on Tuesday the Magistrate decided to sentence her to a 12-month good behaviour bond.