Teen puffs pot smoke into kitten's face

Australia's RSPCA has been left outraged after video emerged of a teenager blowing a plume of marijuana smoke directly into a kitten's face.

The video, originally posted on social media app Snapchat, shows a teenager in a black cap inhaling smoke from a bong and blowing it at the cat's face.

It's prompted concern from the RSPCA, which fears it may not be the first time the cat's been exposed to the drug.

In the video, the kitten can be seen turned its head away slightly but doesn't try to escape the teen's grip.

"It's not struggling like you think it may," RSPCA inspector Cheryl Dodule told 7 News.

"So I am concerned that the kitten may already be under the effects of marijuana."

Anyone with information is urged to contact the RSPCA immediately.

While the pet wouldn't get high as humans do, cats and dogs are at risk of marijuana poisoning from either consuming the drug or from second-hand smoke.

It can also irritate their lungs and can possibly cause a cough or exacerbate an existing condition such as asthma.