Texan snapped trying to wrangle alligator

Warning: This video contains graphic images which may disturb some people.

A Texas man who got hands-on with an alligator hassling his stock has apparently bitten off more than he can chew.

Hawkins resident Hal Conover spotted the three-metre-long beast after it broke into a pen where he was weaning calves over the weekend.

He called in alligator wrangler Terry Mills to capture it, and he tackled the mission in true Texas style - with a loop of rope.

They managed to lasso the alligator and subdue it with fabric over its muzzle, before the animal got irritated.

It snapped, chomping down on Mr Mills' hand which was dangerously close to its mouth.

But Mr Mills was unperturbed and stayed where he was, holding it in place while another man tied its mouth shut.

The alligator has since been rehomed to the Gator Farm in Grand Saline, while Mr Mills reportedly suffered no lasting damage from his close encounter.