Theresa May mocked for poorly-timed Mexican wave

Theresa May Mexican wave
Photo credit: Twitter

British Prime Minister Theresa May put her country's tumultuous politics aside for a moment as she enthusiastically participated in a Mexican wave during England's friendly football match against France.

Unfortunately for Ms May, the fun was short-lived as social media quickly filled with memes mocking her.

French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron also stood up and threw his arms in the air as the 'wave' moved around the Stade de France in Paris.

Moments later, Ms May jumped to her feet to partake despite being out of time with everyone else in the crowd.

British Home Secretary Amber Rudd, who was sitting near Ms May, laughed at her Prime Minister's attempt.

Viewers took to Twitter to make fun of the ill-timed action, calling it "cringe", "awkward" and "hopeless".

Ms May was in Paris to meet Mr Macron, taking time out from negotiating a post-election coalition deal with the DUP.

The two leaders discussed Brexit and terrorism before watching France beat England 3-2 in the friendly match.

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