UK election: So-called expert forced to literally eat his words

A politics professor who confidently declared the UK election would result in a wipeout for Labour has been forced to literally eat his own words. 

So certain the left-wing party would suffer an abysmal loss, author Matthew Goodwin promised in May that he would eat his new book Brexit if Jeremy Corbyn won at least 38 percent of the vote. 

While Labour fell short of the numbers to form a government, they still managed to win 40.3 percent of the vote, exceeding Goodwin's expectations and leaving him forced to deliver on his promise.

The author tweeted the "day was bleak", as he received social media pressure to eat his book. 

Mr Goodwin proceeded to eat his book live on Sky TV, tweeting:  "Don't ever say I am not a man of my word." 

He remained good-humoured, giving Twitter supporters of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn a "10/10 for the chat and stubborn persistence".