Video: Ironic moment Russian police arrest Putin supporter

The man is caught mid-sentence.
The man is caught mid-sentence. Photo credit:

In a moment of cruel irony, a supporter of Vladimir Putin was dragged away by Russian police at an anti-Putin protest in Moscow, and it was caught on video.

While telling filmmakers SotaVision of his support for the Russian president, the unnamed man is grabbed by OMOH - Russia's riot police - and dragged off.

"On June 12, 2017, on Russia Day, everyone, including an ardent supporter of the Putin regime, was detained at a protest action against corruption in Moscow," the translated caption of SotaVision's video says.

"I am not the opposition. I am for Russia and freedom until the end," the man says, in a subtitled version of the video.

Soon after while mid-sentence the man is briskly hauled away.

"Haha, they took a member of… Pro-Putin movement ," an onlooker says to the camera.

Protests against Putin were held in more than a hundred cities and towns across the country on Monday, the patriotic Russia Day holiday.

The Moscow protest occurred in the same location as a festival for the Russia Day holiday, which celebrates the transformation of Soviet Russia into today's country.

Moscow authorities said that about 200,000 people attended the festival on a central thoroughfare, Tverskaya Street, which leads to the Kremlin.

Police formed several cordons at the Moscow rally to disperse the crowd, detaining protesters who resisted.

The crowd of thousands chanted slogans such as "Russia without Putin!" and "Putin is a thief!" as they made their way down Tverskaya.

Reuters / Newshub.