Video: Pedestrian brutally mowed down by car in Queensland

Dramatic video has emerged of a driver deliberately running down a pedestrian in a Queensland carpark.

The man mowed down is said to be lucky to escape injury after the brutal crash in Hervey Bay.

According to 7 News, the unknown victim was first knocked over and viciously beaten by an assailant, after an argument boiled over.

In video posted of the attack, the pedestrian stands up and can be seen waving what appears to be a branch at the car, which responds by backing up before rocketing forwards and into him, sending the man flying over the roof as it speeds away.

Others in the area at the time can be heard seemingly cheering on the car's driver.

"Yeah Josh! Yeah Josh!" one man shouts.

Before being hit with the car, the man was punched four times in quick succession.

Somehow, despite the assault and being thrown over the roof of the car, the pedestrian wasn't badly injured.