Video: Who's better at football? Police officer or nun?

The quaint scene of a Catholic nun and a local police officer playing a game of 'keepy uppy' on an Irish street has been caught on camera and shared online by the local police department.

"Well what can we say, this definitely isn't something you see every day - Garda O'Connell of Henry St Community Policing Unit playing keepy uppy with the Dominican Sisters at the Our Lady of Limerick," the Garda Síochána Facebook post says.

"We're not sure who won this time, a rematch will have to be scheduled."

The video has gone viral online since it was posted on June 1, with about 10,000 reactions and more than 10,000 shares.

'Keepy uppy' - a game where people try to keep a football off the ground without using their hands - is believed to have emerged from Scotland after World War II, the BBC reports.