Video: Woman goes on anti-Islam tirade on Sydney bus, slaps driver

A woman has been promptly removed from a bus in Sydney after going on an anti-Islamic tirade.

The woman was on a bus travelling from Wynyard to Mona Vale on Saturday when she unleashed her angry opinion.

"The extreme Muslims [ISIS] consider every Muslim that doesn't carry it to the extent they do is apostate," the woman says in the video.

"Every Muslim has a chance at being radicalised."

The woman continues her rant even telling other passengers to shut up before the driver notices what is going on and steps in.

When he stops the bus and asks the woman to get off, the woman responds by asking what she did wrong.

"You can either get off my bus or we can get the police here," the driver said.

The woman can then be seen leaving the bus and slapping the driver on the way out.

The racist abuse came a day before London was hit by another terror attack that left at least seven people dead and scores injured.