Water tower painting grinds to a rude halt

Sussex's now-infamous sex tower Photo credit: YouTube/TMJ4

Contractors painting a water tower in a small United States town left a rather rude word on display when they had to halt painting partway.

The water tower overlooks the village of Sussex in Wisconsin, and by now you've probably already worked out what the word might be.

The tower is being painted with a new logo, reports NBC affiliate TMJ4, but a venting issue forced the painters to down tools, leaving behind the gigantic word 'SEX'.

"This isn't the first time this has happened," one of the painters said.

Mother Jessica Bruss told TMJ4 she almost drove off the road when her eight-year-old saw it.

"I immediately thought, 'Not today, we're not having this conversation today.'"

But the contractor, who wasn't named, has no regrets.

"When do you ever get the chance to paint 'sex' on a water tower?" he asked.

He says the tower's paintjob will be completed next week.