Woman fashions Nazi bong out of baby bottle

The baby bottle bong has a swastika on the side.
The baby bottle bong has a swastika on the side. Photo credit: Twitter / Wanneroo Police

A Perth resident has been arrested after building drug paraphernalia out of a baby bottle before emblazoning a swastika on the side.

The bong was found during a visit to a property in the northern suburb of Banksia Grove, Western Australia Police said.

They said they were visiting the house for an "unrelated matter".

A woman in her mid-30s has been taken into custody after the discovery of the bong, which was found among a range of other smoking tools.

Police revealed the woman was arrested on a charge of possession of smoking implements, but not in any way for the swastika drawn on the side.

Wanneroo Police's Simon Hazel said the baby bottle turned Nazi drug-taking paraphernalia was "certainly not something we see every day".

"They turn everything into a smoking implement. It doesn't surprise us," he told WA Today.

"With anyone who has substance abuse issues, they do anything to satisfy their addiction."