World Taekwondo Federation changes name to avoid 'WTF' acronym

World Taekwondo
The new logo. Photo credit: World Taekwondo

The World Taekwondo Federation has changed its name after realising its initials have taken on new meaning in recent years.

It will now be known as World Taekwondo.

"In the digital age, the acronym of our federation has developed negative connotations unrelated to our organisation and so it was important that we rebranded to better engage with our fans," said World Taekwondo president Chungwon Choue.

The old WTF logo. Photo credit: World Taewkondo

"World Taekwondo is distinctive and simple to understand and reinforces the global nature of our sport."

The change echoes one the World Wrestling Federation underwent in the 1990s, rebranding as World Wrestling Entertainment to avoid confusion with the World Wildlife Fund.