Airline Scoot rejects wheelchair passengers

Scoot, Airlines, Wheelchair
Dr Merima Isakovic (left) and David Wadge (right) were not allowed on their flight. Photo credit: 7 News

Budget airline Scoot has come under fire for seemingly pushing aside passengers in wheelchairs.

Dr Merima Isakovic, 58, had booked a business-class flight with the low-cost airline from Brisbane to Singapore over the weekend for a family birthday.

But when arriving at the departure gate after check-in, she says she was told she was not allowed on board.

That went for fellow wheelchair passenger David Wadge as well, who was also allegedly denied embarking.

"When we saw the doors closing [Mr Wadge] said: 'Merima, we are like dogs pushed aside,'" Dr Isakovic told 7 News.

"But I would be equally furious if I saw dogs treated like this."

She says they were told by airport staff they weren't allowed on, after Scoot staff refused to speak with the pair directly. They ultimately missed the flight.

"They said to us: 'We don't have aisle chairs on board because we don't allow people without carers to fly,'" Dr Isakovic said.

Most airlines have aisle seats fitted to allow wheelchair users to transfer to their seats comfortably.

Scoot, which is based out of Singapore, couldn't be reached for comment when contacted by Newshub.

Dr Isakovic said she decided not to try to rebook a flight to Singapore because she would not have made the birthday celebrations on time.

"There were 50 people flying from all over the world for this 60th."