Anti-pervert flame-throwers for sale in China

  • 19/07/2017

Ever wanted a bothersome male to REALLY naff off?

Well, now women in China can buy flame-throwers to get rid of unwanted advances - possibly permanently.

A company in the People's Republic is marketing the devices online as a must-have "anti-pervert weapon" - and the weapon can be easily concealed in a handbag.

Some models can throw fire half a metre with temperatures of up to 1800degC, while others are more like cigarette lighters with smaller flames.

One vendor bragged to Chinese media that the flame-throwers can "scald or even disfigure an attacker".

The devices are illegal in China, but they are still being sold online as of Wednesday - though there are concerns over sending them through the postal service.

And there are also fears that the weapons could injure their female owners, who might accidentally turn them on while they're carrying them in their handbags.

It's unclear whether the flame-throwers would be illegal to import or carry in New Zealand - police regulations don't list them as a prohibited offensive weapon, while blow torches for flambéing in the kitchen are legal to buy here.

And there was a trend a few years ago for hot rodders to fit flame-throwers to the backs of their cars.

Dangerous gadgets have become popular before in China, including a recent fad among some children for tiny crossbows, which shoot toothpicks or needles.