Aussie road rage attacker arrested, victim labels him 'a b*tch'

The fiery Australian woman at the centre of a heated road rage incident in New South Wales says she feels sorry for her attacker's kids and wife after he turned himself in.

The incident, which was filmed by Dwayne Pillidge and posted on Facebook, shows Clint Pollard, 41, striking Bianca Lee Sams, 21, in the mouth with a forceful jab at Lake Munmorah, in the Central Coast.

Mr Pollard had got out of his car at the traffic lights to assault the unsuspecting Ms Sams, after she had thrown a case of nails and a chisel at his car in response to perceived aggressive driving.

On Tuesday, Ms Sams gloated on Facebook that Mr Pollard's punch "doesn't hurt one bit" - but the young mother then admitted to Channel Nine's A Current Affair that she's still very much in pain.

"It still hurts. It's hard to talk sometimes, hard to eat. But it is what it is, I've got to deal with it," she said.

"I threw a few nails at your car - whoopee mate. You tried running us off the road with a baby in the car.

"I had to do what I had to do to protect me and my mate and her son... He's a b*tch in my eyes if he can hit a female."

Mr Pollard, who police say has now handed himself in after they announced they had identified his vehicle, is charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

However Ms Sams could also find herself in trouble, with Wyong Police reportedly discussing whether they charge her over damage done to his car.