Aussie student seeks public's help to pay rent

Australia, Lauren Hellner
In less than a day she has nearly raised the amount she needs which has angered some people. Photo credit: GoFundMe

An Australian student has reached out to the public in a last minute plea to help pay her rent.

Lauren Hellner posted to GoFundMe on Thursday saying she has a month to pay more than NZD$3000 or she will be kicked out of her flat.

"We have been here for 5 years and while I have been studying and working toward becoming a doctor I have been accumulating rental arrears," she said in the post.

"I feel like a self-entitled idiot asking and starting this page but Austudy have given me a week's notice cutting off my payments as I have reached my allowable time for undergraduate study.

"Now I have received an eviction notice."

The Sydney based student is also a trained actor according to The Daily Telegraph and grew up in one of Australia's most affluent suburbs before her parents died when she was 16.

"I have convinced my real estate agent to allow more time to prove I will pay but I am embarrassingly shamefully asking for help," Ms Hellner added.

"I have never asked for help from anyone before in my life."

There has been plenty of backlash towards Ms Hellner's plea with people calling her post "woeful" and "disgustingly selfish."

However in less than a day nearly $2500 has been raised by 39 generous people including one person who donated $1000 to the "cause."

Ms Hellner claims this warning has "scared" her and she has began searching for more work.

As a sweetener for her donors she has also offered to repay them in "lots of walks with my dog, surfing lessons and acting lessons."