Australian cops looking for owner of lost $1.6 million in cash

Lost suitcase with $1.6 million in cash (Australian Federal Police)
Photo credit: Australian Federal Police

Australian police are trying to track down the owner of a "misplaced" suitcase containing more than a million dollars in cash.

The luggage was found when police investigated a suspected drug importation operation at a warehouse in Westerill Park, NSW.

It contains a whopping AU$1.6 million (NZ$1.7 million) in cash - and police are "very keen" to talk to whoever owns it.

"And by speak with you, we definitely mean to ask where you got a suitcase full of cash from. We have a sneaking suspicion this isn't your average pay packet," the Australian Federal Police wrote on Facebook.

If the money isn't claimed, it'll go into a fund which is then reinvested into the community, including local crime prevention, law enforcement, drug treatment and diversionary measures across the country, police said.

If it's your cash, police have offered a simple collection point to get it back.

"Prison?" they responded to one person who asked where they could pick it up.