Australian man plastered in facial tattoos wants people to stop judging him

Luke McCormack is being "judged" because of his facial tattoos.
Luke McCormack is being "judged" because of his facial tattoos. Photo credit: 7 News

An Australian man with distinct tattoos plastered across his face has made a public plea for people to be less judgmental.

Twenty-six-year-old Luke McCormack, from Wollongong, said he has been out of work for 12 months and is "judged" for the tattoos that cover his jaw, temple, eyebrow and cheek.

He said he feels the public are "intimidated" by the tattoos when he's out with his three-year-old son.

"I'll be having fun laughing with him and it's like there's a wall up around us, people walk around," Mr McCormack told 7 News Online.

"I've seen people walk past while shopping and grabbing their handbags or partner's hands tighter because they feel scared and intimidated.

"I have had people stare me up and down."

Mr McCormack said he walked away from a job interview in 2016 when the manager asked him to cover his tattoos.

"Because of a rough cover people don't want to give us a go," he said.

Mr McCormack had to leave his last job as a mechanic at a motorbike shop to look after his son when his marriage fell apart.

"People judge. Always have, always will," he said. "Little do they know I was a husband, now I'm a single dad trying to do right by my son."

The decision to get tattoos on his face should not be a reason for people to judge he said.

"At the end of the day, it's my decision to put them on my face, but that shouldn't make people judge me."

Mr McCormack's story comes days after New Zealander, Mark Cropp, shared of his struggles with employment because of his "DEVAST8" facial tattoo on Facebook.

In the post, he said he'd been "laughed out of job interviews".