Barista refuses man coffee because he's buying for the homeless

Barista refuses man coffee because he's buying for the homeless
Photo credit: Facebook / Adrian Pinsent

A UK man was blocked from buying food for a homeless man at a coffee shop - a barista claiming the café would get in trouble with police if they approved the purchase.

Adrian Pinsent, who filmed some of the incident, was refused at the counter of a Costa Coffee franchise in London's Waterloo Station because he was buying for the vagrant.

"Is that Costa Coffee policy? I as a legitimate customer can't buy this food for a hungry person, no?" Mr Pinsent can be heard asking the barista.

"I'm really sorry sir. I'm really, really sorry. We cannot," comes the reply.

"It is not from our policy, it is from the security at the station and the police."

Both the British Transport Police and Network Rail have since denied that they have policies in place that would prevent Mr Pinsent buying food for a homeless person, according to reports.

In his post on Facebook, Mr Pinsent explains that he was left "gobsmacked" at claims that police would prosecute Costa Coffee if they sold food knowing it was being given to a beggar.

"The [homeless] guy was with me and chose the food, and I was refused the purchase even when I said it was for me," he said.

"Unbelievable. What the hell is going on here?! I would have stayed longer, but the last train home was leaving.

"This video isn't the half of it. This argument went on for five minutes and I only stopped because I would have missed the last train home.

"It's a f**king disgrace and bullsh*t as well."

Costa Coffee has since said they have apologised to the customer and is dismissing claims that it was a company policy.

It stated that the barista had "been misinformed", and as Mr Pinsent requested, will not be punished.