Beachgoers form human chain to save drowning family

More than 80 people linked arms to reach a drowning family caught in a riptide at a Florida beach.

Six members of a family had been swept off the coast in the Gulf of Mexico. Four others who attempted to save them were also pulled in.

Roberta Ursrey was among those caught up in the water, along with her mother, who was so panicked she suffered a heart attack.

"[I thought], I'm going to die this way", she told The Post.

On the shore a human chain began forming with just five volunteers. This soon attracted dozens more and eventually a 90 metre long line of people reached the stranded swimmers.

Ms Ursrey remembers telling the volunteers to get back to safety and save themselves from the rough waters. But instead, "they linked up wrists, legs, arms. If they were there, they were helping."

One hour later, all ten people were finally hauled back to safety.

Ms Ursrey says the entire beach began to applaud.

"It was beachgoers and the grace of God's will… That's why we're here today."