Brownlee discussing terrorism in Indonesia

  • 29/07/2017
Gerry Brownlee.
Gerry Brownlee. Photo credit: Reuters

Foreign Minister Gerry Brownlee is in Indonesia to discuss combating terrorism.

Mr Brownlee will attend a meeting in Manado co-hosted by Indonesia and Australia that will keep New Zealand informed about threats in parts of southeast Asia.

"The significant gains made by the coalition against ISIS (also known as Islamic State) in Iraq and Syria do not mean we can be any less vigilant about the potential threat terrorism poses, including in our own backyard," Mr Brownlee said ahead of Saturday's meeting.

"The ongoing instability in the southern Philippines is an example of that."

Islamic State has long held the goal of extending its so-called Caliphate into the Asia-Pacific region, he says.

Mr Brownlee will also meet with his Indonesian counterpart, Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi.

Australian Attorney-General George Brandis and Justice Minister Michael Keenan and Indonesian Security Minister Wiranto are meeting representatives from Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines and Brunei at the counter-terrorism meeting on Saturday.