Carer filmed attacking elderly dementia patient in Canada

An aged-care worker in Canada has been caught punching an elderly dementia patient in the face 11 times as he lay immobile in his bed.

Georges Karam, 89, was at a long-term care home in Ottowa when support worker Jie Xiao became frustrated while changing his diaper, pulling him back and forward and pushing him down.

Mr Karam makes two defensive swipes at Xiao, but fails, before the support worker lays into him.

After the attack Xiao leaves, but returns a second time to taunt the frightened man.

Grandson Daniel Nassrallah installed a camera in his grandfather's room after a string of unexplained injuries to residents at the facility. The camera was not hidden.

Mr Nassrallah says when he watched the video he collapsed.

"My legs gave way because I didn't know how to respond to this," he told The Citizen.

"We have a camera on him, and even that doesn't deter him. To me, that's mind blowing."

He and his siblings drove to his grandfather's bedside straight away, and called the police who arrested Xiao.

He pleaded guilty to assault and will be sentenced later this year.