Cop adopts abused boy - then his newborn sister too

  • 02/07/2017

An officer who found a boy in horrific conditions, terribly abused, did more than save him - he changed his life.

Two years ago an officer at the Poteau Police Department in Oklahoma was called out on a child abuse case. They say it was one of the worst they've seen.

Poteau officer Jody Thompson adopted now 10-year-old John Thompson in 2015 the officer took the boy to the hospital and waited by his side as he recovered in the intensive care unit.

John had been bound  in a barrel and starved by his biological parents.

Mr Thompson's family was already growing at the time, but he soon learned John's biological mother had given birth in jail to a baby girl - so the Thompsons took her in as well.

Watch the video for the full story from CBS.