Cops on trial for filming sex acts from helicopter

Lee Walls, one of the crew of a police helicopter that filmed naked people.
Lee Walls, one of the crew of a police helicopter that filmed naked people. Photo credit: AAP

Two UK police officers and two pilots are on trial for filming people having sex from a helicopter.

Matthew Lucas, 42, Lee Walls, 47, Matthew Loosemore, 45, and Malcolm Reeves, 64, are accused of misconduct in a public officer in the trial at Sheffield Crown Court.

While on board a helicopter in July 2008, they allegedly filmed a couple having sex, as well as filming people sunbathing nude, and naturists at a campsite.

All four deny the charges according to The Telegraph. A fifth man, former officer Adrian Pogmare has admitted four charges of misconduct in a public office.

The recordings were found at a police station in 2015.

Proscecutor Richard Wright QC told a jury the men had engaged in "a gross violation of privacy".

"On three separate occasions they filmed a total of five people sunbathing naked in private and, on another occasion, they filmed a couple having sexual intercourse in their own garden."

Mr Wright said that the officers had let down the public, and had misused public funds. "You may hope that the police helicopter is chasing down criminals and keeping the community safe."

"You may never imagine that in fact it is being used to film a pair of swingers in the throes of sexual passion for the entertainment of the crew."

The trial continues and is expected to last three weeks.