Donald Trump Jr shares clip of President 'shooting' CNN out of sky

Donald Trump CNN Instagram
The president is seen aiming his plane at a jet with the CNN logo, before exploding the aircraft. Photo credit: donaldtrumpjr/Instagram

President Trump's oldest son, Donald Trump Jr, has posted a video to his social media accounts showing his father as a fighter pilot, shooting down a jet doctored with the CNN logo.

It was a re-post of an altered clip from the 1986 movie Top Gun

Mr Trump Jr called it, "One of the best I've seen" and reposted it to both his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

In the tailored video, the President is seen aiming his plane at a jet with the CNN logo covering the aircraft, before pulling the trigger and exploding the plane.

The post follows a now-infamous recent incident where the President re-posted a similarly altered video of himself beating up a WWE wrestler with the CNN logo over his face.

The posts reflect the President's war against what he's termed "fake news", with a particular aim taken at CNN.