Drunk plane passenger blames medication for grounding flight

An intoxicated man who caused a Perth flight to turn around one hour after take-off says his medication is to blame for his unruly behaviour.

Video shows Luke Taylor, 38, allegedly failing to follow Qantas crew instructions on Tuesday night.

Upon landing police boarded the plane, with other travellers still in their seats.

"Stop resisting, give us your arm Luke," officers can be heard saying.

"Luke give us your arm, otherwise we're going to taser you mate."

He was arrested soon after, delaying the Brisbane-bound passengers by three hours.

Outside court on Wednesday, Taylor said he was on medication prescribed by his doctor.

"Obviously that wasn't sitting quite well with me," he said.

"I'm sorry if I did upset anyone last night, ah yeah apologies."

Taylor has been granted bail and will reappear in court on August 9.