Elite Australian school gripped by disgruntled student's poop protest

The girl has been defecating in bathrooms throughout the school.
The girl has been defecating in bathrooms throughout the school. Photo credit: Mac.Robertson Girls High School

A Melbourne schoolgirl has emptied her bowels onto her college's bathroom floor and sink "on numerous occasions" in a months-long protest over allegedly "incompetent" teachers.

The girl has been defecating in various bathroom sinks throughout the school since February, according to a local report.

The smelly protest came as a result of what the student says is a prioritisation of "protecting [the school's] employee's paychecks" over a quality education.

In an open letter placed beside her latest protest, the student said she and her fellow students had approached senior figures at the school over their teachers' lack of effort and ability, but had been ignored.

"We all know you're not going to do anything, but at least my behaviour has punished the school for what it has done," she wrote.

"The teachers are sh*t, so I have left symbolic droppings of what the education is like at this school. CRAP!!!"

The student also singled out one particular teacher as "highly incapable" educator who "literally teaches nothing", and urged the school to make him redundant.

She said the teacher only ever watched videos on his device during his lessons, and said she had to go home and teach herself content because her family couldn't afford tuition.

Mac.Robertson Girls High School has since responded to the letter, saying the student's "input is valued by the whole school community".