Enormous crocodile drags cow into Aussie river

Crocodiles eats cow
The giant crocodile was perhaps six metres long. Photo credit: Trip In A Van / Facebook

A group of Australian fishermen got a shock when they saw a huge crocodile take a full-grown cow into the water.

The reptile dragged the cow several kilometres down the river, in the Kimberley region in far-north Western Australia.

"We just spotted this big croc dragging this cow down the river so we came over for a bit of a look," one of the men says in the video, posted on their Trip In A Van Facebook page.

"We actually saw it drag this cow off the bank a bit further up but we weren't quick enough with the camera to see it."

They estimate the croc to be perhaps six metres long.

"It is massive," one fisherman says.

"You can see the bite marks at the top of the neck where the head used to be."

Eventually the giant croc seems to get upset with their drone camera and tries to pull the carcass underwater.

"They scare the sh** out of me!" one of the fishermen says.

While the men obviously respect the creature, their parting message says it all: #dontswimintheOrdRiver