Female 'victim' of Aussie road rage punch gets five charges

The formidable Australian woman who received a punch to the face during a fiery road rage incident in New South Wales has since received five charges for her role in the conflict.

The incident, which was filmed by Dwayne Pillidge and posted on Facebook, shows Clint Pollard, 41, striking Bianca Lee Sams, 21, in the mouth with a forceful jab at Lake Munmorah, in the Central Coast.

Mr Pollard had got out of his car at the traffic lights to assault the unsuspecting Ms Sams, after she had thrown a case of nails and a chisel at his car in response to perceived aggressive driving.

The man responsible for delivering the hit that garnered so much media attention has since turned himself into Wyong Police, and police warned Ms Sams that they may press charges against her too.

And that they now have, with Ms Sams facing charges for five different offences.

Those include charges for malicious damage, intentionally throwing objects at a vehicle, being armed with intent, and two other offences relating to a lack of vehicle safety.

Ms Sams arrived at Wyong Police Station at 11am, and was placed on bail so that she can appear at Wyong Local Court on September 6.