Florida sinkhole swallows homes, still growing

  • 15/07/2017

Dramatic footage has emerged of a massive sinkhole that's swallowing up homes in Florida.

Residents have been evacuated from around the sinkhole north of Tampa, as it continues to grow.

The creeping disaster began when a resident called police about a "small depression" underneath their boat. 

In minutes, the depression grew into a giant sinkhole. Within an hour, it had swallowed two houses and was still getting bigger.

"It's about 200 feet [60 metres] wide, we're estimating about 50 feet [15 metres] deep at this point. It's continuing to grow in the direction of the lake," Assistant Pasco County Administrator Kevin Guthrie said.

Sinkholes are a common hazard in Florida. One formed in the exact same location in 2012, but was supposedly stabilised.

Officials have evacuated the neighbourhood until the ground stops caving in.

CBS News