Former Olympic doctor loses plea bargain to drop sex charges

  • 12/07/2017

A former doctor on the US Olympic gymnastics team has tried, and almost succeeded, in a plea bargain that would have seen charges of sexually assaulting as many as 90 team members dropped.

But when the deal became public, prosecutors had a sudden change of heart.

Lawrence Nassar walked into federal court in Michigan Tuesday and pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography - 37,000 images - and destroying the evidence.

"The FBI and the US Attorneys Office told all of our clients... that they couldn't bring their cases now because of this plea bargain," said attorney John Manly, who represents the athletes.

"Apparently last evening, the Justice Department had a change of heart, because they went into court this morning and said that they're going to leave the door open to those prosecutions," he said.

Nassar could face up to 60 years in prison.