Gable Tostee says men should be able to physically defend themselves against women

Gable Tostee says he is a victim of harassment
Gable Tostee was acquitted of murdering Kiwi woman Warriena Wright. Photo credit: AAP

Gable Tostee, the Australian man acquitted of murdering Kiwi woman Warriena Wright in his Gold Coast apartment, has taken to Facebook to complain that men are unfairly ostracized for using violence to defend themselves against women. 

Tostee, under his new Facebook name Eric Thomas, posted the comments on Thursday morning in response to a viral news story.

"Well surprise surprise," writes Tostee, "not only are women allowed to use chokeholds for self defence against a non lethal threat, but the entire world applauds them for it.

"Yet when a man uses absolute MINIMAL force to lawfully defend himself against a woman who is physically assaulting him and attempting to cause serious injury, he becomes the subject of a vicious witch hunt in which he is shamed, harassed and ridiculed by the entire world." 

His comments were made in relation to the viral news story of a man who sexually assaulted a female bartender. When the bartender was groped by the male customer, she put the man in a chokehold and dragged him outside while he slammed her against a wall. Outside the man was arrested and photographed crying on the pavement. 

The image of the man in tears has since been shared thousands of times.

Tostee's post has since had 39 likes and attracted a string of responses. Tostee later went on to elaborate, "So much for 'male privilege'. Our society today is undeniably misandristic."

* Note: The headline on this story has been changed to more accurately reflect the content in Gable Tostee's post.