'Get ready to die': Sir David Attenborough's producer gets wild in shocking road rage attack

'Get ready to die': Sir David Attenborough's producer gets wild in shocking road rage attack
Photo credit: Fergus Beeley / YouTube

A top BBC producer known for his work with wildlife legend Sir David Attenborough has been caught on camera dishing out a vicious tirade against a fellow motorist.

Fergus Beeley was driving along the M27 between Southhampton and Portsmouth on Saturday morning when he witnessed a minor accident between two vehicles.

"This car pulled across into our lane and hit our car - our whole car moved and we almost got knocked into the outside lane," Simon Gale, driver of one of the vehicles, told the Daily Mail.

"We pulled over to the side of the road and my wife got out of the car to exchange insurance details with this woman - I didn't really think anything of it at the time.

"Then Fergus Beeley pulled up behind us in a different car and started screaming and shouting at us."

"Do you know who I am?" was the first thing Mr Beeley said, and it only got worse from there.

The Planet Earth producer was recorded on camera screaming at everyone involved, saying they were under a "citizen's arrest" and telling them to "get ready to die".

He called Mr Gale's wife a "big s**t", and not even their 11-year-old son was spared, Mr Beeley pointing at him and saying he too was a "w****r" and under arrest.

He grabbed Mr Gale by the throat and tried to get him to put his hands on the vehicle, as a police officer might.

Mr Beeley said he was "trying to stop a death" on the motorway, despite the minor nature of the accident.

"Luckily none of us are harmed in any way - but we're still quite shaken by it," Mr Gale told the Mail.

"We're definitely going to be a bit more cautious from now on."

Mr Beeley, who has worked with Sir David for more than two decades, has since deleted his Twitter account and public Facebook page.