'Godfather' chicken parmi weighs 1.2kgs

An Australian pub is serving up a monster meal that needs two days to prepare for those willing to take on the challenge.

Irish Murphy's in Geelong near Melbourne serves the 1.2kg meal on Tuesday's Parmi Night.

Pub owner Tom Ward announced the new menu item on the pub's Facebook, catching the attention of over a million people.

The 'Godfather Parmi' is a whole chicken, boned, butterflied and crumbed coated in ham, Napoli sauce and cheese with a generous portion of fries on the side.

Challengers that complete this beast under 20 minutes get the meal for free, otherwise they'll have to fork out NZ$37.

For those health conscious individuals, the meal comes with a side salad.

The challenge began on Tuesday night with five people booked in to attempt the meal that "could feed a family of five", Mr Ward said.

No news that the challenge was successfully completed.